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Getting Software Developed for Your Business

At some point, your business is going to need to have some software development. Maybe your business is small, but existing software doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe your company is larger, with significant technology resources already, but you need an outside perspective. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to choose an software developer, especially if you aren’t a technical person.


Don’t Shoot The (Yahoo) Messenger!

Most anyone whose kids have become teenagers over the last few years has almost certainly at least heard of “IM”. It’s become a verb among not only teens, but many adult surfers too. As in “IM me later!”. For anyone who doesn’t know, IM, or Instant Messaging, is software that lets people communicate over the Internet, well, instantly. Or nearly so – with only slight delays most of the time, instant messaging has always allowed users to type messages back and forth over the Internet. It’s a lot like passing a note in class, with new parts of a conversation added on to the end of previous parts. Yahoo Messenger was one of the first to offer both IM software and a lane on the information superhighway for IM messages to travel.


Does your Company have Documentum?

Are you lost in the mess of documents that get passed around your company, never knowing what the latest version is and which one you should work on without worrying if someone else has already made the same editions that you are making? Perhaps you have heard of collaboration software solutions such as Documentum to help your company manage its documents that are passed around. Documentum is a very good solution to this problem but is it the only one? In this article you will be presented with some basic information about the differences in collaboration software from Documentum and NextPage.