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Software Engineering: An Introduction

Software Engineering is the Systematic Approach for analysis design implementation and maintenance of Software .It involve the use of Case tools. Computer software is the product that Software Engineers design and develop and virtually every one in the industrialized world use it and is important because it effects nearly every aspect of our lives and has became needy in commerce, culture and our every day life.


Do your customers waste your time?

I saw a post on a marketing forum a few weeks ago and it was from a chap that had purchased a piece of software from a well known Internet marketer. After purchasing the product, the buyer had sent several emails to the seller with questions about how to install/use the software. These questions were answered and then followed up with several more emails all filled with further questions.


The REAL Key To Successfully Marketing Any Product!

The REAL key to successful marketing of any product is building relationships. The most successful tools for this strategy are forums, communities, coops and the new form of media desktop software, i.e. “Your Easy Street’s” new Media Pilot. In order to properly build product sales, you must gain trust and understand the needs of the people you are selling to, or you’ll get poor returns on your efforts and investments.