Personal Loan: review and opinions

Features of the Best Bank Total Flex loan

Features of the Colaper Total Flex loan

The Total Flex Best Bank personal loan allows you to obtain liquidity to be used to achieve objectives or carry out projects without having to account for how the money received will be spent.

The main feature of this loan is that it leaves all the autonomy needed to pay back the borrowed money. For example, it allows you to modify, if desired, the repayment plan, making it perfectly suited to your needs. As mentioned, the installment can be varied, for example by reducing it, and at the same time extending the repayment plan over time, all at no additional cost, so as to find the most appropriate combination.

Another strong point is the possibility to “skip” the installment once a year for a maximum of five times. This allows you to cope with possible financial difficulties without too many thoughts and without additional costs. And if you decide to weld everything at once, no problem! Early extinction is free.

Requirements for applying for the Total Flex Best Bank personal loan
Being resident in Italy
Be between 18 and 70 years old
For foreign citizens, however, residency in Italy has been required for at least a year
Have a good credit rating
Requested documents
Valid identification document (identity card or driving license)
Tax code or health card
Income document. Typically this is the last paycheck if you are an employee, the last tax return if you are self-employed or professional, the last pension slip if you are retired.

Loan details

  • Amount to be requested. up to a maximum of 30,000 USD.
  • Duration of funding. The loan can last from a minimum of two years to a maximum of seven years.
  • Installments number. From a minimum of 24 installments to a maximum of 84 installments.

Insurance coverage. Total Flex Best Bank loan insurance is not mandatory. However, there are many optional insurance coverages that can be inserted and that protect the insured person, or his family members, against unforeseen events that can happen during the financing (Death, permanent disability, serious illness, hospitalization, accident, temporary disability). So all those situations that potentially or in fact reduce the insured’s ability to produce income and that allow you to face the remaining duration of the loan with greater serenity.

Method of disbursement and reimbursement. The method of disbursement can be chosen between a bank transfer or the release of a check. The refund can be agreed in the most convenient and most suitable way. It can be done by automatic debit in a bank or post office account, or with pre-marked bulletins to be reimbursed also in the SisalPay points, or Lis Paga at the authorized Quipay points.

Time of disbursement of the Best Bank loan

The timing of delivery is really tight. At best, the payment of the requested amount can even take place within the day or, at most, within a couple of days from the approval of the file.

Example of financing with calculation of the installment

By trying the financing simulator on the Best Bank website, we can easily ascertain the versatility of the repayment plan which, in fact, can be modulated to your liking.

Here by entering the following data:

  • Amount requested: $ 10,000;
  • Selected installment amount: $ 175.00 per month;

we find that our funding will last:

  • from 69 to 84 installments;

that is

  • from five years and 9 months to seven years ;
  • Tan between 5.90% and 10.90% ;
  • APR between 6.97% and 12.31%.

Opinions about the Best Bank Total Flex loan

Opinions about the Colaper Total Flex loan

In general, the views on Best Bank of those who went out of their way to leave reviews are quite critical. Some customers, about twenty, complain of high costs in the event of late payment for late payment of even a single installment.

Taking note of what has been said above, it is also true, however, that there are few criticisms regarding the huge amount of loans disbursed by this bank. To give an idea: we are talking about a bank that boasts 2.3 million customers and a turnover of over 12 billion USD.

As regards interest rates, the latter are substantially in line with those of the main competitors, namely: AStro Finance and Bankate.

Summary of the most important features

Summary of the most important features

To fix key points.

Loan details
Amount to be requested up to $ 30,000
Duration of funding from a minimum of two years to a maximum of 7 years, or from 24 to 84 installments
Rate of installments mesyl
Guarantees required have reached the age of majority, have a demonstrable income, not be registered on the list of bad payers
Refund procedure direct debit to bank or post office account, pre-filled postal slips
Insurance available but not mandatory
Type of rate applied fixed rate
Rate percentage varies according to the case, the definitive one is always communicated in response to the forwarding of the request. The APR ranges from 7.03% to 12.36%
Skip the installment yes, up to 5 times
Requested documents a valid identification document, tax code, a document that proves that you have a constant income and high enough to justify the amount requested

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